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What we publish

We publish a general trade list including world-renowned books in jazz, popular culture, and religion. We also publish academic books across the humanities and social sciences, with an outstanding reputation in religion, continental philosophy, education, and cultural studies.

Art and Photography

We are actively seeking out new and experienced artists, journalists and photographers to contribute towards our publications. If you think you could contribute anything from gallery images, articles, tutorials or just even to answer a few questions for an interview then please get in touch. There is no cost to enter and the contributors who have their work selected for the publications will enjoy worldwide exposure and a free Hi-Res printable PDF copy of the magazine.

Publishing Solutions in a Digital World

We are a publishing solutions provider. By harnessing the tremendous opportunities offered by ePublishing and eCommerce, the company has introduced a number of innovative end-to-end solutions for the Author, Publisher and Corporate communities.

The company now makes it possible for any individual or company to publish books or corporate documents without regard to the size of the target audience.

Our customers are empowered to implement our technology and solutions to transform their manuscripts, manuals and corporate documents, taken from any source, to make their content available to any market, in any quantity, quickly and with considerable cost savings.


At Academic Online Publishers, we aim to affordably publish academic materials online. We understand that in a changing market, the educational system must adapt top benefit its students, which is why we’ve chosen to publish online journals educational books.

Not only does publishing academic materials online give student easier access to resources they vitally need, but it also cuts costs, making the finished article more affordable.

It is our vision to gather the newest most up-to-date journals and academic books for students and publish them online for affordable and simple access. If you have an academic journal or book you would like to publish, contact us to see how we could help.

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