Pubs in rural England

England can boast of a great heritage of pubs that have been in existence since the middle ages, some of which are found in rural areas and small villages all over the country. Nowadays, some of these pubs are still up and running, with The Royal Standard in Beaconsfield claiming to be the oldest – this pub’s history in fact dates back to 1086, when it was documented as an alehouse in the Domesday Book!

There have been little changes over the years when it comes to pubs. In the past, they used to offer respite to travelers, serving ale and beer, and also offering entertainment in the forms of music and various types of games. In the early twentieth century, pubs also started to install lever-operated fruit machines. The first fruit machines did not even pay out any money – instead, players could win food, drinks or cigarettes.

Nowadays, fruit machines at pubs are no longer lever-operated; instead they have gone digital. Still, a lot of players now prefer to play online slots instead, since hundreds of these games are now available at regulated UK casinos, and they come with the potential of paying out huge sums that sometimes amount to millions of pounds. However, if you crave that sense of nostalgia and would like to spend an entertaining evening out at a pub, you can still find a number of pubs around England with physical slot machines, as well as great ale, of course!

22 Jun 2019